Welcome to my first blog post of 2015! Regular readers will know that I love to travel and that is a huge part of my home on the web, but I also have a passion for photography and hope to show that through the images in this blog. Last year I caught so many, Read More

This Saturday saw the finale of a week of celebration and events marking the 50th Birthday of one of Scotland’s biggest landmarks, the iconic Forth Road Bridge. The bridge opened on the 4th of September 1964 and for the first time connected Fife, which at the time was nothing more than a peninsula, to, Read More

The River Forth is home to two, soon to be three, of the best known landmarks in Scotland and perhaps the UK.   These landmarks of course are the iconic Forth Bridge, and Forth Road Bridge.  Both bridges are engineering marvels, although perhaps most iconic is the Forth Bridge, a cantilever railway bridge which connects, Read More

In an earlier blog post, I showed you one of my favourite local places to visit at this time of the year, Harran Hill.  At this time of the year the hillside is covered in bluebells and looks fantastic.  Now as we head towards the end of May, the bluebells are in full bloom. , Read More

In just a few weeks I’ll be heading of on an epic road trip around the east coast of America visiting loads of epic cities and national parks including Chicago, Nashville and the Niagara Falls.  These destinations are full off distinct character and each location offers a unique outlook on American life, from the, Read More