A complete guide to a Trek America tour

As regular readers will be aware over the last few months I have documented day-by-day what it is like to travel on a Trek America tour as a solo traveller. Last year I dived into the world of solo travel and booked to travel on the Best Of The East. This is a two-week, 2600 mile road trip around a host of the best highlights the Eastern USA has to offer. Some of the stops include the nation’s capital Washington DC, country music capital of the world Nashville, beautiful Chicago and the immensely powerful Niagara Falls.

Over two weeks in June 2014 I had the time of life on an epic journey which has no doubt left me with a case of the travel bug. The aim of this blog has always been to inspire others to ‘take the plunge’ as I did, and go out and explore the world. With that in mind I’ve created a blog post for every day of my Trek America trip, to give you a real insight into what its like to travel on a Trek America trip. So if you have any doubt or need that last bit of encouragement to hit the ‘book’ button, check out my series of trip reports below which will give you an in-depth knowledge of what it’s really like to be on tour.

Trip Reports

Other resources for the first time Trekker!

As well as trip reports for every day on the Best Of The East trip, I’ve also written posts on everything from what to pack for a Trek America trip, how to save money for travelling and even attempted to dispel the myths of solo travel! Above all I hope that you find this blog useful and maybe even inspires you to book a trip, with or without Trek America! In the few months this blog has run, I’ve already received some superb feedback from readers, including that of Patricia, from New York:

“I wanted to thank you – your blog destroyed my last fears of booking a Trek! So, yesterday I booked my trip to the West of the US – I’ll be on the Westerner in February 2015! 🙂 Now I can’t wait to get started with my last adventure in the US!
The tour “Best of the East” sounds awesome and I could feel a lot of excitement, while reading your reports….The East definitely rocks! :-)”

What’s next for the blog?

I still have more posts to come from my Trek America trip, including what I would do differently from a packing and photography perspective. Next year I’ll continue to blog photo journals and travel posts from closer to home for the first part of the year – you sometimes forget what you have closer to home! I also plan to review travel and photography related gadgets. Then, in the autumn (fall) I will be travelling on another Trek America trip – the Westerner, which will take me to some of the Western USA’s best sights including Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon. Of-course, I’ll be blogging trip reports and more about that trip too!

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