A photo journey through Harran Hill bluebell Wood, Fife.

I started this blog with the aim of documenting my travels with Trek America, and to say I can’t wait for my trip is an understatement!  In just over a month I’ll be hitting the road around the USA.  Before then, I do plan to write a couple of other posts about Trek – I’m looking at doing a ‘What I’m packing’ post but I think I’ll leave that until nearer the time when I can write a more detailed post.

Obviously, I’m not always going to be road tripping the USA, so to keep this blog fresh I’m going to also post content about my travels around my home turf in Scotland.  Were so lucky to have such a ‘braw’ (nice) country to live in.  Here in my home county of Fife, I can be in the beautiful capital of Edinburgh with its historic castle within an hour or equally I can also be exploring the miles of fantastic coastal routes and beaches we are lucky to have in Fife.

So a few days ago I took a walk to a location only a short distance from my home in Ballingry.  Harran Hill wood is an ancient woodland covering 27 acres located in what is known as the Lomond Hills Regional Park and lies on the edge of Lochore Meadows Country Park.  It is the oldest and most important woodland in the park.

Harran Hill Wood Entrance

The entrance signage to Harran Hill from ‘The Avenue’

The woodland lies on the edge of Benarty Hill and has had trees rooted here since the last Ice Age.  The woodland is a protected nature area and is also home to many plants and wildlife including deer, foxes and squirrels.

My favourite time of year to visit here is between May and June when the Bluebells are blooming and the hillside is covered in a sea of blue.  These plants are considered an indicator that their has been woodland here for a very long time.  It is at this time that the hillside looks at its best and you can get some wonderful pictures.  I’ve been really getting into photography recently and love every opportunity to practice for my trip to America.

Bluebells on Harran Hill

These photos were taken in early May and the Bluebells aren’t fully out yet, you can imagine how nice it will be later in the month!

Bluebells on Harran Hill

The woodland does have an accessible footpath, but does get muddy in the winter and has a steep section mid way.  The image below show the steepest section of the path but doesn’t really do it justice!

The steepest section of the path at Harran Hill

All in all Harran Hill is a nice walk and is worthwhile if your in the area, especially at this time of the year.  You could even continue your journey onto Benarty Hill! The image below was one of my favourites from my recent visit:

Close up bluebells.

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