Back in October, I had one of the most humbling experiences of my life – exploring the impressive Grand Canyon both from the air and on foot hiking down into the depths of this majestic wonder of the world. I’ve been considering this blog post for a while – struggling to put into words just, Read More

As we start the new year on a fresh, I’ve considered what I’d have done differently on my Trek America trip. You might know that I will be travelling again with Trek America later this year, in the autumn of 2015. Although I had a fantastic trip of a life time on my last, Read More

Niagara Falls

Reaching day thirteen of my epic road trip across America, we were on the home run with just a couple more days before our trip came to an end.  Before then though, we still had an exciting couple of days ahead taking in Amish Country, the huge Cedar Point Theme Park, spectacular Niagara Falls, Read More

Day 10 of my trip to the USA was most certainly a ‘van appreciation day’.  We travelled 360 miles to our campground north of Indianapolis in Lafayette, Indiana. At the halfway point in our trip we needed to cover some serious ground and were on the road for about 12 hours (including stops!)  to, Read More

Nashville Skyline

Day 9 of my trip to the states marked the midway point of what was proving to be the trip of a lifetime. That morning we hit the road for a 200 mile drive to Nashville, Tennessee! We left behind the wilderness and beauty of the rolling grassland and mountain peaks of the Smokies, and headed to the, Read More