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One of the thing’s I’ve wanted to do since I can remember, is visit the good old USA.   From the awe inspiring sights of the millennia old Grand Canyon and Colorado River, to the bright lights and sounds of some of the world’s busiest cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, their is something for everyone.

I think this interest in the USA probably comes from modern culture like television and film. With that in mind, sometime around 2008 I came across Trek America, a tour operator to the USA specialising in small group tours of no more than 13 people.  Trek America offers itineraries from 3 to 64 days in length covering an extensive range of destinations across North America, Canada, Central & South America.

Earlier this year I decided to act upon my interest and intrigue with North America and do something about it, inspired by a workmate who is currently undertaking the magnificent challenge of walking the Pacific Crest Trail – a 2650 mile trek from the Mexican Border in the south to Canada in the North.

Why I chose Trek America

Having remembered Trek America from previous visits to their site in years gone by, I decided to check out what they had to offer.  I  much prefer to see some of the sights when I holiday abroad, rather than sit around a pool all day (although I do enjoy that too!), so Trek America’s small group tours seemed ideal, especially as they are geared towards young, single travellers.

Trek America allow you to travel without any single supplements by sharing rooms with another Trek America passenger.  Whilst on the road, all camping and cooking equipment is provided (except sleeping bag) making it an easy option for someone who is new to camping and travelling.  Furthermore, they have been operating tours to the USA since 1972, and have won many travel industry awards including a Gold Award for Best Small Tour Operator to The USA in 2012 from the British Travel Awards, making them a reliable and safe company to travel with.

Trek America – Best of The East – The Tour

After some time I decided the ideal tour for me was ‘Best of The East‘.  Best of The East is A 14 day tour covering the best sights of the North East USA.  The things attracting me to this tour was its varied itinerary covering a great range of cities and national parks.  Some of the included stops include: Washington D.C., Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Nashville, Chicago and the Niagra Falls.

The length of the tour was ideal for me, as due to work commitments, I couldn’t commit to a longer tour, and I felt that the shorter tours would just be too short, not giving me enough time in each of the destinations.  Furthermore, the shorter East Coast tour, the 7 day Freedom Trail misses out two of the destinations I really wanted to visit – Nashville – the home of country music and the Grand Ole Opry; and the vibrant city of Chicago with its towering sky scrapers and scenic beaches.

I booked to travel in June 2014.  As this type of travel can be expensive, I decided to book in advance using Trek America’s online payment facility to make payments online and pay up the trip in instalments, making the whole trip more manageable.

Trek America – Experience So Far & About This Blog

My initial contact with Trek America began in January 2013, when I communicated with them via e-mail about a potential booking.  They quickly answered and left me at ease with my questions about visas and single travel.  The experience with Trek America so far has been courteous and pleasant with all emails responded to in a timely manner.  Once I informed them that I had decided to book a place on the trek, I was given a provisional seat on the tour and a few days to pay the deposit.

This blog is to document the entire Trek America process – from booking, pre-trek planning and preparation to actual posts, photos and hopefully video whilst I’m on Trek.  So far online the majority of blogs and discussions are around the popular 64 day Trailblazer tour and Southern Sun.  During my planning and investigations, I haven’t found many blogs about the Best of The East, so I hope to fill that hole for anyone looking to find out about the trek.

Pre-tour, I plan to write about common questions I find online, and things I’ve tried to find out myself about Trek America, such as what to pack, spending money, flights, booking city sight seeing tours, booking and getting to gateway hotels, getting from the New York gateway hotel to Manhattan and any other trending Trek America topic.

In this blog, you may also find other posts about places I like to visit in Scotland and of course gadgets and web technology.

About Me

I am a 24 year old Multimedia Designer with an Honours Degree in Digital Media.  I enjoy travelling and visiting new places, as well as blogging and all things digital.  I live in central Scotland and so many of my posts may also be about places around Scotland!


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